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Life Care Services

“A complete treatment for the senior requires the intervention of many professionals who know how to manage their part of the body from what is eaten to what behavior is healthy.”
—Dr. Peter Magaro

The Model

We are offering a comprehensive care model that is directed at those over 55 who are beginning to show signs of Aging. Each client is assigned a health care team comprised of:

  • cognitive psychologist skilled in memory training who evaluates and treats: attention, language use, memory, perception, problem solving, creativity, and thinking.
  • certified personal trainer who establishes a personalized training protocol directed at the specific disease and aspects of aging that must be modified.
  • certified expert nutritionist who creates the daily diet most needed by the condition of the client as determined by the initial evaluation.
  • well-known licensed social worker who establishes the social activity and contacts that are most beneficial to countering the diagnosed diseases of the client.
  • An individual treatment manager (nurse practitioner) who will monitor overall progress, suggest modifications to the treatment regimen and communicate with other specialists so that a continuity of preventive care is established.

However it has to be recognized that any treatment requires the patient’s participation. The key to treating aging is to provide a comprehensive treatment in a manner in which the treatment protocol can be accessed readily and completely.

The Home Team Advantage

We know for any treatment that a lack of compliance is the same as no treatment. We must locate the treatment in a place where it will be fully utilized. Consider the staff required by the treatment protocol. We expect the client to receive cognitive training 2 to 3 times a week. The same with the exercise provided by the licensed trainer and the nutritionist who is providing the daily menus. The social director is with the patient at least 2 hours per day. Finally, the treatment manager monitors the client’s overall care and progress. Rather than all the issues that arise in going to a clinic for all these treatments, we prefer to offer the treatments in the patient’s home, and if the patient and or family desire, we add another layer of communication through video conferencing and shared computer monitoring.

The Prognosis

The new generation of older adults, the baby boomers, are potential clients no matter where they reside. The general community resides in all nations and of all languages and ages. This client wants a treatment regime that answers their demand to remain vital, as opposed to envisioning themselves in need of constant medical care. And when medical care is needed, they want to know it is continuous and compatible with their life plan to become healthy.

The client for The Full Life Institute is looking for the comprehensive creative programming necessary to provide the supportive regimen in the most advantageous manner possible. After all, this is not taking a pill once a day. When the patient engages in a program to embrace improved health, they will want to know they are in a place where they have total control over their personal progress. This is best done in the home, thus, our treaters are assigned on a family basis.

The Terms

The Full Life Institute is a boutique practice which requires an annual fee to provide all preventive services. The cost of this comprehensive program is an annual fee of $150,000 to $250,000. As with all boutique practices, fees are not assessed on an individual service basis but the cost of services over the year. This arrangement allows for many practitioners to create a collegial total treatment package that provides services over time. The boutique model also allows the retention of the staff over a period of time who can be dedicated to the care of one particular client. When costs are broken out for individual services it is found that the boutique model is less costly than hiring individual providers.

Sixty percent of the fee is paid at inception of the program when all staff are assigned to the client. The remaining forty % is expected after 3 months of care. The program cost is separate from any minor expenses required by the particular client. Each client will be served by all clinical staff at the individual’s home for at least 15 hrs. per week although there can be more sessions depending upon the needs and goals of the client. Monitoring and evaluation will be performed by Full Life Institute staff and a computer Medical Monitoring firm.

Since we expect improvement in health and a decrease in the negative effects of aging, we are very selective about the clients we accept. Compliance and capability to access the full programs is essential for all of our clients. The Full Life Institute is now accepting clients for 2018. Please contact us for an eligibility interview or for an appointment to learn more about the Institute.