The Full Life Institute

Providing concierge care

for seniors in their home.

Providing You with Concierge Care at Home.

What Makes Us Different

Remember when doctors made house calls? Now, if we are treated by multiple medical professionals, we make appointments
and travel hither and yon to keep them. Tiring isn’t it? And what if your mobility is limited due to failing health or even living
in a remote location? We have a better way.
For the past ten years or so a new type of service has arisen to treat the usual diseases of seniors. This treatment type
is known as boutique medicine or more popularly Concierge Medicine. The practice allows full access to your doctor
and referrals if needed. In 2004, there were 146 concierge practices in the United States. In 2010 there were 750.
The Full Life Institute is a boutique practice, but we are different in that we only treat seniors who by the nature
of their age require a massive amount of preventive gerontology.


The Full Life Institute provides concierge care for seniors at home:
  • Cognitive Psychologist
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Expert Nutritionist
  • Licensed Social Worker
  • Individual Treatment Manager
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“If we are serious about increasing the life span to 125, then we have to have a cognitive world shift to focus on the individual helping in his own health care.”
—Dr. Peter Magaro

Better Care Starts with You!



“I am most thankful for the care I’ve received . I have felt for some time now that the assessments and the … training exercises that I received have been most beneficial to my mental functioning and my overall sense of well-being .”

“I like this program because it gives back right away. I feel good when I’m doing this with you and it gives me confidence”

“It’s like when I go to my Tai Chi class 3 times week … it can be hard while I’m doing it, but I feel great after.”

“I see the difference, and even my friends tell me they do-I don’t hesitate so much when I’m talking to them-the words come more quickly, and I feel more confidant”