The Full Life Institute:

Providing the Tools and Treatment

Required for Aging

The Full Life Institute

Preparing the Senior to Cope with Aging

Remember when the doctor was responsible for all the treatments required by the patient.  The primary physician was a psychiatrist, physical therapist, nutritionist, and so much more.  Now, we are treated by multiple medical professionals with their own set of skills.  We schedule these appointments on top of the diagnostic visits and our regular physician visits.  More than adding more professionals to the mix to achieve Excellent Medical Care we have added the requirement that treatment be early and consistent.  These treatment goals have let to the the findings that early intervention and frequent care provide the best treatment outcomes. The Home Care Model has been developed by such research and implemented by Medicare to insure the best possible care for the elderly. Treatment occurs in the patient’s home by a range of therapists and is considered the best treatment of the chronic diseases encountered by the elderly.

In the past decade or so, a new wrinkle has been added to the home health care system to insure quality of care and the same therapists throughout the course of treatment.  This treatment type is known as boutique medicine or more popularly Concierge Medicine. The practice allows full access to the primary physician and the other therapists for a set annual fee which allows consistent treatment developed in the treatment plan.  A boutique practice guarantees the skill set of the therapists for treating the diseases of the elderly in a comprehensive fashion.

The Full Life Institute promotes a boutique practice that prescribes a specialized amount of preventive care from specific professionals directed at managing the aging process.


The purpose of The Full Life Institute is to provide a model of comprehensive treatment of the diseases of aging which would include the following treatment personnel and resources:
  • Cognitive Psychologist
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Expert Nutritionist
  • Licensed Social Worker
  • Individual Treatment Manager
  • Electronic devices that promote Independence and more Effective Training
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“If we are serious about increasing the life span to 125, then we have to have a cognitive world shift to focus on the individual helping in his own health care.”
—Dr. Peter Magaro

Better Care Starts with You!




“I am most thankful for the care I’ve received . I have felt for some time now that the assessments and the … training exercises that I received have been most beneficial to my mental functioning and my overall sense of well-being .”

“I like this program because it gives back right away. I feel good when I’m doing this with you and it gives me confidence”

“It’s like when I go to my Tai Chi class 3 times week … it can be hard while I’m doing it, but I feel great after.”

“I see the difference, and even my friends tell me they do-I don’t hesitate so much when I’m talking to them-the words come more quickly, and I feel more confidant”