The Full Life Institute:

Providing the Tools

Required for Aging

The Full Life Institute

Helping Seniors Cope with Aging

The Full Life Institute was formed to answer the the question of HOW should we treat the diseases that come with aging.   As such the idea of treatment is directed toward the CHRONIC DISEASES most often found with the ELDERLY.  The Full life Institute (FLI) seeks to present the choices that must be made by  the individual when faced when the treatment alternatives that come with the disease that come with aging.  It would not be unfair to say that we are interested in providing a guide for the individual to develop a COMPREHENSIVE treatment system to treat  AGING rather than the treatment of DISEASES

It is possible, but rare, to age in relatively good health. For the majority of people, growing old is associated with an increased risk of developing a plethora of degenerative conditions and functional impairments. The burden of disease is probably the most distressing aspect of old age often leading to depression and other secondary psychiatric disabilities and no one likes it.

When rated against the standard benchmarks a biological gerontologist would use to measure successful aging (maintenance of normal function, avoidance of disease and social engagement), only about 18% of people can be described as undergoing “successful aging” Anywhere between half and a quarter of elderly people do not consider themselves to be aging well. They are not happy and are probably not healthy either.

Unless ia new concept of treatment is applied, the American patient may end up with a world in which we spend more money than ever before to keep more people more miserable. We know already that better secondary prevention will postpone the age of onset of morbidity and that a comprehensive treatment model is the best treatment available.  What may be less known is that treatment may be more successful  when the individual has ownership of the treatment and it becomes part of the person’s daily routine.  Certainly just seeing common life activities  becoming chores, is a glimpse of the everyday challenges presented by the failing body in our advanced years.  However we may require the greatest chore which is looking after our own health status.

The Full Life Institute promotes developing a specialized amount of knowledge about your the aging process that allows the individual to impact  the medical treatments that are prescribed some of which can constitute  unwarranted dangerous medical treatments.  In effect the FLI attempts to provide the average Senior with the tools to guide their own treatment or to at  least be knowledgeable about alternatives.


The purpose of The Full Life Institute is to provide a model of comprehensive treatment of the diseases of aging which could include a multitude of treatment personnel and resources:
“If we are serious about increasing the life span to 125, then we have to have a cognitive world shift to focus on the individual helping in his own health care.”
—Dr. Peter Magaro

Better Care Starts with You!